Diva Server Bri-2m ISA

Is posible config this card for asterisk ?

I can not found the drivers, only found for the same card but in PCI not for ISA.

Is posible found a driver ?


2 minutes on the eicon sie would have helped you. get the product number from the card and use the search function on the eicon site to search for this string. you will get a list of documents back that include an EOL (End of Life) announcement for the card. this document will usually contain a link to Software for the cards, and you should be able to see the drivers there.

be warned, the links i’ve seen for the ISA cards stop at RedHat 6.2 !

I see that you say to me.

I see that EOL of this card, and the link to the drivers only for OS/2 and Windows, but for linux not have. (can?t found for linux)

That?s why I question if anyone know if the card can install in linux, for Trixbox 1.2 more exactly.

I install Linux drivers for eicom 8.2, but not detect the card.


what’s the eicon number on the card ? usually in XXX-XXX format.

SN: m05796

eicon.com/worldwide/products … ver_BRI_2M

a lot of thanks.

I try, but not work, not found the card.

thanks at all.