Eicon Diva 2.2 ISDN BRI cards on Debian 3.1

I am starting to setup a PBX for our office:
P4-1.8GHz server
Debian Stable 3.1 Sarge
Latest Asterisk that I can find
AMP (web based management)
Flash panel
any other niceties that I can find.
8 user extensions using VOIP phones and software phones
1 fax machine

we have 1 analogue line which is available (only used for our ADSL) and 2 ISDN2e circuits (4 ISDN lines)

I have purchased from eBay 2 x Eicon Diva 2.2 BRI cards (only £1 each) and one Asuscom ISDN card (again £1)

I will need to find a basic X100P clone card for the fax machine.

We will need music on hold, answer machine, and all calls to go through the ISDN trunks. The fax machine will be left sending and receiving the faxes since it hardly gets used. We do not need individual voice mail boxes or DDI numbers (although we do have a 10 number DDI range) we only use 3 of the numbers, one main number, one support number (2 techies) and one fax number.

I have tried Asterisk at home CD which I struggled with getting the ISDN cards working.

Now I have installed Debian Sarge 3.1 stable.

I have 6 years experience with Linux so not afraid to compile kernels or packages.

Can any one point me to some simple guides on getting this type of setup running easily?