*Now & eicon diva bri

Hello everyone, I hope someone could help me with this!!

Here is the problem: I got Asterisk Now installed on a computer with a diva bri2 v2. downloaded the latest drivers from melware.org got them working.

localhost kernel: Dialogic DIVA - DIDD table (http://www.melware.net)
localhost kernel: divadidd: Rel:3.0.10-107.884-1  Rev:1.13  Build:107-113(local)
localhost kernel: Dialogic DIVA Server driver (http://www.melware.net)
localhost kernel: divas: Rel:3.0.10-107.884-1  Rev:1.46  Build: 107-113(local)
localhost kernel: divas: support for: BRI/PCI PRI/PCI adapters
localhost kernel: divas: Dialogic Diva BRI-2 PCI v2 bus: 00000002 fn: 00000000 insertion.
localhost kernel: divas: Dialogic Diva BRI-2 PCI v2 IRQ:16 SerNo:10256
localhost kernel: divas: started with major 251
localhost kernel: Dialogic DIVA - User IDI (http://www.melware.net)
localhost kernel: diva_idi: Rel:3.0.10-107.884-1  Rev:1.25  Build: local
localhost kernel: diva_idi: started with major 250
localhost kernel: Dialogic DIVA - CAPI Interface driver (http://www.melware.net)
localhost kernel: divacapi: Rel:3.0.10-107.884-1  Rev:1.24  Build: 107-112(local)

The first problem i encoutered after that is the chan_capi module who won’t load because loaded before the diva driver.I found a turn around by editing the init.d/asterisk to load the driver before everything in the start() function.

But whatever the stage of advancement i was, the card didn’t and doesn’t show up in the Setup Hardware part of the asterisk-gui.

Please help me

Sorry Wrong section this post can be deleted i’ll post it in the asterisknow section