Is a Diva 4BRI-8 v2 by Eicom supported?

by asteriskNOW?

Asterisk (and AsteriskNOW) can use it but you cannot configure it via the GUI setup wizrd (as of right now you cant setup any digital cards but they are working on building in support for Digium cards).

so i can set it up via the client

thats hard :frowning:

any help?

Eicons website should have the instructions on it. I remember seeing them at one point. I use a Diva card in my fax server not for Asterisk.

email reply from Eicom :

Thank you for the information.

Indeed it would be better to get a proper linux distro and install our driver only. We do not support melware drivers.

We currently support kernels up to 2.6.21.

so tomorrow i will plug the card into my debian box and lets hope i get it to work

So they do not support melware, hm?

That was what I wanted to try for AsteriskNow, since AsteriskNow has no package manager. But Dialogic has its drivers as rpm :confused: