Distributed queues

I have created a call center with one single queue and one single static queue member. so the queue setup is like this:

music = custom-ivr
strategy = ringall
timeout = 15
joinempty = yes
member => SIP/100

and the dialplan is pretty simple. anyone who calls, after playing a message, is redirected to the queue.
Now the problem is that the amount of callers is too many to be handled in one server. After reaching 130 calls in the queue, the server crashes. So I think I’ll have to handle calls in separate queues on separate servers. If I receive calls equally on three different Asterisk servers and I would still have one single static queue member:
How should I define queues and queue members on asterisk servers, and what would the relation between asterisk servers and queues will be so the same queue strategy will remain (the agent won’t get a call when he’s busy, 90 seconds wrapuptime, 15 seconds time out and …)

You can’t, or you add more agents or you handle the calls via dialplan with group_count and generate a callback when you reach more than 80 calks per example. Of course you can put in front of your asterisk a load balance proxy to balance the calks to the servers but if you only have 1 agent logged in the 3 servers calls will come and it will ring since you have 3 separated servers with their rules.