Call Queue but for me

I’m looking into having a call queue but I can’t figure out how to adapt it right. It’s just me, for my own personal phone number, I dont really want to log in and out or have multiple agents or members. The way I have it set up without the queue is it rings all of my devices both SIP softphones and an outbound number. I’d really love to have the queue do this, ring all my devices and just pass it to the queue, I also love all the perks of a queue.

So is there any way I can setup a queue which will ring all of my devices and hopefully an outbound number all at once for just one member/agent (me).

I’ve looked through the internet and asterisk documentation for a while but all I find is numerous examples, how-to, and strategies for an office (what it was originally designed for)

List all the devices as permanent members and use a ringall strategy.

So list all devices as an individual member on each line in queues.conf using ringall?

Thanks :smile: