Multiple Asterisk servers, distributed ACD queues

This is a complex configuration I’m exploring, but I would like to do the following and am looking for pointers on how to achieve this:

I have 2 sites, geographically separated but with a stable WAN between them. I would like to put one Asterisk server at each site and config each Asterisk server to have it’s own call queues.

Calls in each sites queues would be answered and serviced by a centralized call center at a 3rd location.

I wish to maintain a local system at each site in case of WAN failure so that a local user can jump in and service the local queues. The in bound calls are ALL SIP based as are the call center phones. (so ALL SIP/RTP).

Any thoughts on how best to accomplish this?

With some commercial systems, there is a way to setup a “remote ACD” which will aggregate the queues to one list and abstract that from the clients such that the call center users don’t know they’re actually logging in to a queue that’s not local, to them it’s just one big queue list.

I need to avoid complexity on the call center user end in that I can’t program the clients to connect to so many systems, so to our softphone and Asterisk Manager interface it must be one Asterisk server they login to.

Anyone have experience with something like this? or know how to best approach this?



What sort of time frame are you looking at?

Reason I ask is I have the first stage (and hopefully more stages on success) of this sort of scenario. I’ve done it all before but it has to be documented to buggery this time around for a third party.

I wouldn’t be able to start testing for about 2 weeks though.

Not a huge rush, I’m proposing something to a customer and am trying to sort out the effort involved and if it’s possible (or a huge headache).

They presently have InterTel cabinets at both sites and would like to dump those and do something like this, in addition to linking them up (no site is linked right now).


OK. I’ve just private messaged you with my email.