Display inbound number being called

We’re looking at implementing Asterisk, but have a major need:
We need the inbound number being called to be displayed on the phone’s LCD. We’re a small call center and need to be able to answer the phone with a different greeting depending on which company’s phone number the caller is dialing. For example, if someone calls 555-1111, then we need to have that show up on the phone’s LCD and we answer “Thanks for calling ABCD”; if they call 555-2222, then we answer “Thanks for calling XYZ”.

My questions:

  1. Can this be done via Asterisk?
  2. What would it take to do this? (configuration/equipment)
  3. Will this work with any VoIP phones or ADSI phones? Or, do we need a special phone that can display this data?


Yes, this is indeed possible by setting the callerid variable in iax.conf or zapata.conf.

So, amongst other settings you would have something like this in your iax.conf:

callerid=“Company ABC” <123456789>

It will then override the incoming callerid with the name/number specified.