Display inbound DID on phone display

I am a rookie Asterisk user. Here is my question:

We have a number of different inbound DID phone numbers that arrive at our Asterisk System, each for a different company:

For example:

233-2328 - Bob´s Residential Plumbing
233-2329 - Plumbing Parts International
233-2330 - Plumbing Inspectors LLC

We prefer to not have the calls run to auto-attendants when we actually have our receptionist available. But our receptionist can´t tell on which number the incoming call is coming from on the phone display. Caller ID is interesting, but more important is the incoming call number, so the receptionist knows how to answer the call.

I have had this done on other systems so I assume it isn´t overly complicated to do in Asterisk, but I just don´t know how to do it. We have Asterisk installed on top of Fedora 11, if that is helpful.

Thanks in advance.


In the extensions.conf file, where you have a separate statement or set of statements for each of your DIDs, add this line or something similar:

exten = 2332328,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=2328

You could also use Set(CALLERID(name)=“Bob’s Plumbing”

You could also try adding an RDNIS header. I’m not sure if there is a sip.conf option, or whether you need to use an explicit additional header.

This is a more correct way of doing it, but I don’t know to what extent this is actually supported by phones.