Displaying Caller's Number to the callee's phones instead of Telco's number

I am using Asterisk with Sangoma card and PRI line.

While making outbound call, is there a way to display the callers number to the callee(Receiver) instead of the Telco number being displayed to the callee(Receiver).

The receiver are not able to identify which friend is calling as the display in there mobile phone is Telco’s number.

Please advice.

Manipur, India.

The CALLERID dialplan function can be used to set the callerid. This requires the provider to allow setting it, if they don’t or overwrite it with something else then you can not.

Contact your service provider. Good ones will expect you to prove that you control a number before they will forward. Only other network operators should be trusted to provide valid numbers.

Asterisk will pass the number through by default. It is almost certainly your service provider that is replacing it.

Regarding to caller ID, is configured and sending by TELCO and doesn’t allow to manipulated the caller id by the caller.
Users only can change caller presentation status (presentation allowed or restricted).

Thank you for the reply, seem like its the TELCO restricting the display.