Called ID Number

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New to Asterik product and unfortunately working in a blur to get stuff completed.

We are interested in finding a solution that will enable us to do the following:

  • We display a phone number for our advertisers
  • A User calls that phone number
  • That call comes to us as a call center answering the call.
  • We see who is being called and we answer the call with that company’s name.

Today we use Fonality and have gotten a less than stellar answer (really none) on this issue. I would like to think that this is a simple CALLEDID command to display on the VOIP phone LCD, but it did not work that way.

Can Asterik handle a called id situation?

Yes. And, if you’re used to a web-based system, take a look at Switchvox. Particularly, pay attention to the IVR editor and its ability to manipulate CID name and number strings - used in combination with routing particular inbound DIDs to particular IVRs that are performing the manipulations. … atures/ivr