Disable option 8 in the Voicemail application

I’m using Asterisk 11 and I would like to disable option 8 when a users channel routes to VoicemailMain. This is the “Please press 8 to forward this voice message” option. It’s incompatible with some other custom voicemail stuff I do and do not want any users to be able to access the feature.

Is there some option/parameter I can pass into VoicemailMain in the dialplan to turn option 8 off?

You could modify the source to app_voicemail and recompile, it looks like line 11701 is where the option 8 is defined, you could comment out the case.

Thanks. Yeah I realize forking that module might be my only option. I’m hoping there’s another way because I really don’t want to be having to rebuild it every time Digium releases new voicemail code.