Asterisk-Voicemail-FreePBX -Realtime


I am a new user, exploring Asterisk
I have setup Asterisk 11.12 with FreePBX…

Question 1:
What would be the best/proper way to route call directly to voicemail ?

Question 2:

I want to build some kind of voicemail platform and do not want to reload Asterisk time after time.
So i put the voicemailboxes in realtime (Mysql- database voicemail-table voicemail) Asterisk connects ok to the voicemail database, and in voicemail.conf it is set to realtime
switch =>Realtime

I setup an incoming route with a misc destination pointing to feature code *98 (voicemail) When i call in i am asked to input my voicemailbox (1000) but then i get a wrong ping
I see this

– Executing [*98@from-internal:15] NoOp(“SIP/9999-00000002”, “app-dialvm: BAD mailbox 1000@default”) in new stack

I think it using the FreePBX setting of the voicemail and not the realtime setting ???

Whats going wrong here ?
Can anybody answer my questions ?

Help is highly appreciated!

Use for FreePBX support (and Asterisk Support) for support in directly using Asterisk.