[HELP]: Asterisk PBX and Ringless Voicemail

Hi all,

The company I work at uses an Asterisk PBX, and I have been asked to find a way to add a ringless voicemail feature to our current system. I have searched through the documentation of Asterisk, and failed to find anything related to this. Has anyone else tried to do ringless voicemail through Asterisk, and if so, is there any documentation on this?

Thank you for your help.

(ringless voicemail is when a voicemail is placed in a phone number’s voicemail queue without ringing the phone. It is currently done by several commercial companies, such as GotVoice.)

Call the voice mail application without first calling the Dial application.

Also, please use Asterisk Support for support questions.

Thank you very much! Just to clarify: I want the capability to push voicemails to outside numbers; looking at the VoiceMail() documentation, it seems to be designed to create an internal voicemail system.

And I will use the support forum next time; is there an easy way to move this thread?