Digium Unable to receive multiple quick succession calls

Client Digium which was upgraded to 6.1.2 from 5x, and seemingly now they are experience problems with inbound calls.

Tested and verified the issue.

If a person calls in once, they can get through. Hang-up, Call through again, works fine. Call again, call failed.

Recorded a packet capture, and in the it I see “Status-Line: SIP/2.0 403 Forbidden” on the Status line and Reason : “Reason: Q.850;cause=21” (Call Rejected)

Why would switchvox/asterisk reject some inbound calls but not others.

I’ll be glad to post the full frame of the pcap if needed. This client is a busy medical facility, so I can’t post the full pcap unedited.

I do have a ticket in with Digium, but if I can fix this myself and learn something in the process, I’d love to do so.

Which open source version number does this relate to?

Is any dialplan executed, or is the rejecting immediate, with no PABX thread started?

SMB Edition
Version 6.1.2 (79112)

no dial plan has been changed. The rejection is basically immediate as soon as the sip invite is received.


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