! Got reject for frame 20, retransmitting frame 20 now, upd

Any ideas what causes this error? Tracked it down to the ISDN , but dont know what it means?

ISDN setup is correct in that we can place and recieve calls ( we get about 20,000 inbound calls per day on the node that reporting this error, but no more than 20 calls at once. )

Were not doing anything clever, just playing a .gsm file to the caller when they dial in.

Any help much appreciated.



What is the error?

Hi , Error was the subject , but listed below:

!! Got reject for frame xxx, retransmitting frame xx now, updating r_n

It only happens on 2 of our machines (both Dell) - Im begining to think its interupts as both the machines are sharing an IRQ (at the bios level) with the digium