Digium/Sangoma Announcement


For those of you who have not noticed, it was just announced that Sangoma is intending to acquire Digium. Since discussion about this will likely come up, I figured that it would be good to post something here first.

For questions about the acquisition and how it impacts Asterisk and FreePBX, feel free to see the FAQ on the Asterisk wiki at [1]. For other questions (particularly those related to products and respective businesses), feel free to check Digium or Sangoma’s website or contact Sangoma or Digium directly.


I’m personally looking forward to seeing what all the great talent at both companies can do working together.

Best wishes!

Matthew Fredrickson
Asterisk Project Lead

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Well is an unexpected notice causing amaze, questions and doubts as:
On wiki Asterisk not mentioned about Digium hardware (Cards, gateway Phones).
What about this point??

Tuesday is the first business day (Monday is a US/Canada Holiday) since the close date. The transition planning process would start Tuesday at the earliest. There are no product/service change announcements because the transition process (which includes planning) hasn’t as of this post started yet.

Stay tuned for official updates. If there are any products/services that you wish to be heard on, please contact your sales rep or distributor. All public information is currently in the FAQ above.

ok let’s wait.
As I mentioned notice have causing amaze to anyone, becoming many doubts and questions.

For questions about products, hardware, and other services, you should contact a Digium/Sangoma representative.

Well I think representative can’t answer more certainty regardless to Digium phones as D series, same as TDM gateways and so on.
Specifically Digium D series have usefully registration mode.


For those following the deal closed today :coffee::coffee::coffee:

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