Digium Vs Sangoma


I dont want to start a new war. But, looking for some suggestion on choosing correct vendor for my requirement.

I am planning to connect 4 PRI lines and need a 4-port t1 card with hardware echo-cancellation enabled. i found te412p & a104d are meeting the requirments. Now i need to make decision between digium & sangoma. i see digium price is around $1700 & sagoma is around $2200.
Need suggestion in understanding the technical difference & advantages.

Also, i already have te212p on the same machince and if i choose sangoma, will there by any issues or complications in my asterisk configuration?


Please suggest. i spoke with both vendors. all digium support says is as they found asterisk the te412p/te420b card is well designed to work with asterisk 1.4 or future versions.

i see both vendors using same echo cancellation technology. Unable to make a decision. appreciate some inputs.


Well, if you choose Digium you support the continued development of Asterisk, which in my opnion is the #1 reason to always choose digium cards.

From my understanding digium is basically a modem that has been programmed to work as a phone card whereas sangoma builds their cards from the ground up making it a true phone card.

…and of course the Sangoma salesperson told you that, correct? What a load of crapola!

If you are really interested in quality, get a Dialogic board. They are the best, bar none.

Having said that, Digium cards are inexpensive enough that you can buy two and configure your system in a redundant failover.


ps: the schematics for the Digium cards are available on the Internet, they are based on the Zapata telephony which has been placed on the public domain (or nearby). If you check the schematics, you will see that the “modem lookalike” version is just FUD. Ask the Sangoma salesperson to show you his schematics to ascertain the veracity of his statement.

appreciated all your responses. i finally got digium te420b as i dont want any compatibility issues even with later versions of asterisk/zaptel. as it is not too expensive, i am taking the chance here. lets see how my production system will work :smile:

thanks again.

good choice.

There are in fact 3rd party digium cards, but the real stuff from Digium is very reliable.

good luck!