Has anyone used Sangoma cards with Asterisk?

There were driver issues when it was first installed, or so I have been told

any using it successfully???

Do most people use Digium or Dialogic cards???



I use a Sangoma A102 on an E1 line.

It’s great. 10 users on an E1 with 6 channels no problems with the card at all.

Aslong as you read all the instructions and understand a little about what you’re doing (or are prepared to play about) it all works fine.

The Wanpipe installation isn’t straight forward, but the instructions work if you follow them. Get any probs and people on the board should be able to help. I can offer a little bit of assistance, but I’m no expert.

Sangoma Tech Support is very good. I never had to use them to install the card. But I asked them loads of questions before I purchased.

Hope this helps, liam