Sangoma Support

Hello Every: Relatively new to Asterisk. Wanted to know if Sangoma cards have any compatibilty issue with Astersik solution.

Please help.

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Its the decision by the vendor of providing the sangoma cards hence have posted in this forum to know if there are known issues of compatibility with Sangoma - Asterisk.

I do know digium is known product for asterisk but the question is in specific to address vendor for unknown related issues on sangoma.

Hope it helps.

Sangoma have great compatibility, in my opinion however, the “wanpipe” software can be annoying and fiddly, especially compared to digiums offerings which are easy in comparison.

Best thing to do would be to contact Sangoma directly to discuss bugs/issues though.

I suggest looking at the sangoma wiki, starting here: -

Thanks. I’m more focussed towards user experience and the performance of the card under load conditions.

Any user experience? good or bad?