TDM400P -- Whatever!

Can anyone out there help me with solving some questions?

– Can I install TDM400P with Asterisk and make calls to India from UK???

– And is TDM400P compatable with pentium 3 Dell Dimension 5150? I heard that it may not be compatable with any Dell systems??

Please help…

'finally – are there any cheaper alternatives to TDM400 to make calls to India from UK.???

There may be issues connecting it to the local PSTN but it should be possible. An alternative to Digium cards would be a card from Sangoma.

Thank you for the response. Could you please tell me, if I need a TDM400 card to connect/link it to a Sangoma hardware? or Does Sangoma card work with asterisk just like anyother TDM400/compatible card?

Sorry, I am new to the Asterisk world…some of my questions could be naive.

Sangoma works on its own. You don’t need any Digium hardware of it to work. One note of caution: Sangoma is a bit harder to set up but in my opinion it’s worth the hassle.

Thank you for the response…helps a lot…well…now I got to shop for a Sangoma then!!