Digium Card - Newbie Question

Hi all,

I am interested in purchasing a Wildcard TE120P (Single Span T1/E1/J1 PCI Card) due to it’s reasonable price range. I’m curious to know, once installed how does one connect the phone lines to the system? There only seems to be one port on the card itself.


That card is to connect a single T1 to you system. If you do not have a T1 you need a different card.

What exactly are you try to connect to the asterisk server? Analog Extensions? POTS lines? T1’s? E1’s? ISDN? SIP/IAX Peers or Trunks?

The more you describe what you are trying to do the easier it is for us to help.

We have a T1 line being installed. Planned on using SIP Peers along with the VICIDIALER system.

Then the TE120P would be the card you would use to connect to the T1. The T1 will allow you to have up to 24 simultaneous calls to the outside world (depending on what you order) all through one “phone line”.

The sip peers will connect via ethernet (I highly suggest you setup a VLAN for voice traffic unless your network is very small).