Digium Voice cards & Asterisk

On the same Asterisk server can I have:

1 TDM2400P card (24 analog extensions)


1 TE420 (4 T1’s)

Is this possible?

The goal will be to connect SIP trunking from the outside to Asterisk, use the digital interface card(TE420) to provide T1 signaling to an IVR (Dialogic card), use the analog extension ports for another IVR (dialogic analog based)

If I receive an incoming call on the SIP trunks, can I route the call to any port on the TE420 card?

Once the call goes across the TE420 to the IVR port, can I make a call from the IVR across the TE420 to the TDM2400P cards extension group?

that’s basic right ? in other words I’m calling from extension to extension inside asterisk.


Yes. You can. I wouldn’t stick too many PRI’s on a server but yes it is possible.