New to Asterisk Questions

I am looking at setting up an Asterisk box for business use. My plan is to buy a Barebones Dell server and use on conjuction wth Polycomm IP300’s and IP600’s. Currently coming in the building is a T1 line that is split betwen voice and data. There are about 30 users currently that would need phones, with that expanding to 60 in the next year. My question I have are:

What other then phones, interface card to T1 and server is neccesary to get VOIP up and running?

In picking a T1 interfacecard is there info about the T1 line I need before choosing the card.

thanks for any info.

you can get by with pretty much just a server, T1 line, and phones (i’m assuming you have an internal network already that the phones can communicate on).

as far as T1’s go, there isn’t much to worry about, unless you have a really rare kind of line. PRI is the most common, although we’re running robbed-bit T1s without an issue.

i highly recommend taking a look at sangoma cards - our dell servers didn’t like the digium cards, but we’ve had really good luck with the sangoma. not saying the digium cards aren’t good, they just don’t work well with dell’s.

also, i believe digium is releasing their next gen card shortly, and it will have a much better echo can on it, should you decide to go that route…

Thanks for the info. I will look at the Sangoma cards.