Buisness Edition Hastle

We had a pile of buisness editions from a few years ago that were essentially bricks because they never worked, the free 1.2 was the only stable functional version and still is.

Anyway, so digium is pressuring us to sell more buisness editions, so I am trying to get an ABE up and going.

At install it wants me to enter some kind of license key, whats the way to get past it and install to test the product.


Digium Product Registration - Version 3.0.2
Copyright © 2004-2007, Digium, Inc.
Use the ‘-l’ option to see license information for software
included in this program.

Please select a category

1 - Digium Products
2 - Cepstral Products

0 - Quit

Your Choice: 1
You selected 1, Digium Products
Please select a product

1 - Asterisk Business Edition
2 - G.729 Codec
3 - High Performance Echo Can

0 - Quit

Your Choice: 1
You selected 1, Asterisk Business Edition
Please enter your Key-ID:



Interesting. You say ABE never worked for you but looks like you never registered any and tried/tested it.

Inside your ‘bricks’ there should be an ABE manual with CD and the first page with Authentication Certificate, with holographic seal, etc. In the right bottom conner there should be an Activation code starting with ABE-… I believe that is the ‘Key-ID’ you need. You say you have a lot of ABE editions so you might call Digium’s tech support in case you have any problems registering them.

I think that is the only legal way to “get past it and install to test the product”, at least in the US.