DID Unlimited Inbound with multiple channels

Hi, I’ve searched the forum, and found a few topics, but I’m looking for something very specialized.

I’m trying to setup conference calling using *. I will need to get alot of DID’s, and I need them to have unlimited inbound calls. Am i correct in that I will need multiple channels in order to have multiple participants in the conference?

If so, I know VoicePulse offers 4 inbound / 4 outbound, but that isn’t quite enough.

Are there any other providers that offer more channels on an unlimited inbound plan?

Thanks in advance,


I think you will find mostly one of the following:

  1. DID providers that will give you unlimited inbound minutes, but charge you for the number of channels (like voice pulse connect).


  1. DID providers that will give you unlimited channels, but charge you per minute for inbound calls.

Remember, somone somewhere is paying per port, so if you find a provider that gives you unlimited channels and unlimited inbound minutes for a flat rate, every conference bridge service in the world would use them. If you like VP connect, they will let you add more channels….not sure what the pricing is…Good luck!