Business plan with multiple lines

I am in the middle of converting a store that has 7 analog lines on a Legacy pbx. I want to convert them to VOIP and use asterisk. I spoke with broadvoice and they have a business plan that is only 1 in and one out. Voicepluse is 4 in and out simutaniously. I would need to go with boardvoice in certain locations because of number porting. My question is if i have one in and one out is there a way to make changes in asterisk so that there can be more traffic in and out simutaniously . I want to keep the phone activity as it is now 7 lines that can be used anytime!. Thanks.

I assume you were referring to VoicePulse’s Connect service. It comes default with 4 channels, but you can add additional channels at $11/month/each or something like that.

I use VoicePulse as the primary provider for most of my clients and it’s been great so far.

To answer your question, depending on the provider, they may or may not actively prevent you from using a certain amount of channels. Some providers do not enforce this unless it gets out of hand. However, the easiest way for me, at least, is to go with VP Connect and tailor their service to fit my clients’ individual needs.

Yes Voicepulse is definatly a good deal how ever i want to trunk my numbers and some stores are rural and VP cannot trunk in those locations. :cry: