Question on concurrent outbound calls with Voicepulse

I was told by Voicepulse that 1 outbound call = 1 outbound channel and that I had to order seperate channels depending on the number of outbound calls I need to make. When you sign up for an account you are given 4 channels yet ordering a channel on an existing account is an extra $20. So the way around it is to keep opening accounts to avoid the $20 charge and now I have to maintain 15 accounts (each are billed seperately) in order to have 60 outbound channels available.

Just for kicks and giggles I decided to test their 4 channel limitation theory by making more than 4 outgoing calls on the same account. I was successfully able to easily make 20 outgoing calls on one account!

Does anyone know why this is?

no, but its not the first time i’ve heard of unlimited outbound through them. It may be a glitch, so use it while you got it but dont be too surprised if it disappears someday