Best service provider for dial-in for Asterisk/ConfBridge

Hello - we have been testing SIP Trunks with Asterisk for origination and have been successful in getting a telephone user to dial in and take part in our application’s conference calls. We used Twilio SIP Trunking as our test - however they charge per minute for inbound calls. We are looking for a flat fee for unlimited minutes in order to control our costs.

Essentially - we need one number with a lot of channels, and no cost per minute. It seems like a lot of channelized plans in the US are around $25 a channel. That gets expensive quick. $100 a month for the ability to have only 4 concurrent calls seems awful high.

We have also been looking at DID numbers with multiple channels as they seem to be a lot less per month, however most of the sites I end up at (, etc.) look less than reputable.

Does anyone have any advice for a way to provide dial-in services for say 50 to 100 concurrent users without having to pay $25 per channel?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Try to use METERED CHANNELS technology

Metered channels provide a useful and cost-effective solution for customers with unpredictable volumes of simultaneous inbound calls; for example, conferencing, call center or calling card operators.

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