DID Provider in Asterisk

Hi all,

I have my asterisk server in USA. and i want to be a DID provider, not the reseller from any other provider. i need to connect my server via T1/E1 line, after that i can sell the DID to my customers, and they can route the DID where they want.

I do not have much information about DID, so i am not sure T1/E1 connection can help us to be DID provider.

Please give me some information and some USA telecom web site, who can provide us these connection?

My sugestion is to read up on telephony. I would recomend reading Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (h6315.com/ast_book/AsteriskTFOT.pdf). Although this book is more about asterisk it will help you understand a little bit about telephony. Also where is your server in the US ? Do they allow you to run a voice T1 to your box ?

Still we did not set our servers, But we are going to make finalization with Co-location, and it will be not metter for areas of USA.

And ofcource they will allow us to do connection T1/E1 or SS7.

Please provide me some telecom web site, which they can give us T1/E1 connection.