T1 provider in US


I am having a hard time to find a T1 line w/ phone numbers provider in US for my Asterisk server. Most of them I talked to are providing full package.

Please help!

Thanks in advance :blush:

What are you asking for when you request local service? CLECs will generally try to sell you a bundled deal (heck, even the RBOCs do)…just be adamant about not needing integrated services. Chances are, since you will be talking to a carrier switch, this will be a PRI.

You need to specifically request a T1/PRI with X number of DIDs for Intra and Inter-LATA service. Although you can do it at the time to expediate service, you don’t have to get LD through the same provider.

Where in the country are you? I used to work for a CLEC but do not want to market anyone so as to not appear as a marketer. There are quite a few decent CLECs to get better pricing on.

Keep in mind contract terms, though…the longer the term the better the price…but also a bigger pain in the rear to jump ship in case you need to.

Do you have any DIDs that need to be ported to another carrier at the moment? Get ready for a load-of-laughs.


I know they are probably not in your area, but there is a company called Cbeyond - they are one of the first to launch a new product called SIPConnect. Will directly connect to your asterisk pc through an ethernet cable going back to the service…

Am really excited about this one.

If you can’t get that consider a PRI -
How many phone lines are you looking at?

Brad Rose