Dialout from Meetme conference


I am implementing one dialer type of application.

In which i am first dialing one source number and sending it to conference and then starting dialing the different destination numbers.

i have used meetme application of asterisk for this as i dont want to disconnect the main source number.

Both numbers are being originated using AMI and in the context i have used MeetMe with the specified room.
So, as soon as they got answered, they are being sent into the conference and they can hear each other and talk.

Everything goes fine with the above mentioned settings.

But, what i am trying to achieve is, I want to dial the other number from the meetme, so the source number can also hear the ringing sound of the other phone. So, the call must be originated from conference and get into conference as soon as the channel is originated.

For this i have used channel redirect function of phpagi-asmanager.php to send the dialing channel of destination number to conference. By doing this i can hear the ring sound, but when the call is being answered, the first user of conference is not able to hear the voice of second user.

I checked the asterisk CLI and debug the issue, And i found that the channel which we sent into conference without answer is having state “Down”. Can this be the issue of voice ?

Can anyone please advise me to fix the issue of sound with this configuration?


Is that any other way to fulfill my requirements?

Please advise accordingly, It will be really helpful.

Waiting for your replies experts.

Open Asterisk

Did you ever find a solution for this?

I am trying to implement the same functionality.

In my case, I can get the ringing tone when the far end sends a 183 Progress (because the ringing is playing in early media) but not on a 180 ringing because Asterisk won’t generate ringing tone to a Meetme.