Conference with dialout and busy override


There are 10 phones connected to asterisk. Those extensions are able to call to each other and receive calls normally.

I want to add following feature to existing system:

When 0 is dialed from one of those extensions, I want the system to call other 9 extensions and conference all 10 together. If any of 9 extensions is busy, I want asterisk to disconnect the current call and force to conference.

To deal with this I am going to use meetme app and .call files. With busy phones I thought to use ChanIsAvail() and then SoftHangup(), however I can’t clue how to get channel names in format chanisavail() and softhangup() need.

I am using AEL dialplan.

Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

I’ve managed the rest, only busy override is left. Any ideas?