Dial a single number, multiple phones ring, connect to conf

I am trying to look at a way of having a single number to dial on our asterisk system which would ring a list of numbers, all of which can answer (so, a single pickup wouldn’t end the ringing of the others) and then they’d all be directed to a conference that exists on the system.


Person dials 7000 and extensions 310, 311, 312 all ring. All 3 pick up and are now connected to conference 8000.

Any ideas? This is a bit beyond my abilities. Currently stuck using 1.2.24 until summer, when we will be updating to 1.6.

All 1.6.x version will be on security fixes only before Summer.

I imagine you will have to use AMI Originate or call files.

look at this topic. http://forums.asterisk.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=74296

Using dial plan and precreated call files, I’ve done this type of setup.