Dial into asterisk on one number, to dial out on another?

So we’ve got a trixbox setup in our office here and want to do the following.

We want to be able to call asterisk via a Canadian phone number (a voip line) and then have asterisk prompt us for the phone number to dial out on an australian voip line we have setup on asterisk also.

So basically we want to call asterisk in our office, and have it dial out from a diffrent number and connect us.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?

its may simple as this
If you ur using Asterisk then to as follows,
1.any Candian or any caller dail that Voip line number on you Asterisk lets say 9054468xxx
2. then that call land in to ur Asterisk thru voip
3. whenany call hit for this number check with or without caller id number
& dail out at that Austrailian Number.use VOIP for out calls also.
4. before dail out u can use Saydigits cmd to prompts that Asu. number
u can use this n number of numbers a 9054468xxx


This could be useful to you:
voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+cmd+DISA .


Marco Bruni