From my cell phone dial a number and asterisk forward to me

my scenario is that

i want to call asterisk so that i give him a number to dial and fowart it to me how can i do that ?

they don’t receive my dialled number.

thanks in advance

any sugestion will be apreciate

my extensions

exten => 68845712,1,Answer()
exten => 68845712,n,WaitExten(15)
exten => 68845712,n,Read(NUMMER,10,3,4)
exten => 68845712,n,SayNumber(${NUMMER})
exten => 68845712,n,Dial(Datacard/datacard0/${NUMMER},20,m)
exten => 68845712,n,Hangup()

I am newbie in asterisk

asterisk 1.6 and 1.8

I hope that isn’t your real incoming number, given you have no security!

You should give serious consideration to the DISA application

WaitExten is mutually exclusive with your use of Read.

You are missing the the option field on Read.

Generally, if something doesn’t work as expected, you should include a verbose console log.

thank i will look the DISA appilcation ,
it is not my real nummer :smile:


thanks i get it with DISA aplication. it work