Display my external number on VoIP phone

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Asterisk and I need to get some tips from experienced users.
Here’s my situation questions:

  1. I have Asterisk 1.2.16 version and I wonder if it’s possible to set the Asterisk to display on my VoIP phone (Cisco SPA962) my external number, not the external caller number.

  2. If we have a many external numbers, will be possible to redirect each external number to a different line inside Cisco SPA962?

Thanks in advance!

A few questions / comments:

  1. You are running a very, very old version of Asterisk. There may be vulnerabilities in that which are not (and never will be) addressed. You really should consider upgrading to a more modern version of the software if you can.

  2. You want the phone to display not the actual caller’s “Caller ID” number but instead the dialed number (DID) to which the call was placed, correct? To do that you would set the caller ID value using something like:

    exten => 5055551212,5,Set(CALLERID(num)=5055551212)

(That’s pseudocode - your actual Dialplan line would need to match your scenario.)

You can either manually set the number or you can use variables to copy the ${EXTEN} value if your diaplan matches on a complete DID number.

  1. Have you configured separate accounts (SIP “friend” entries in Asterisk 1.2 terminology) for each button on each of your phones? If so, you can send calls from a specific number to a specific button (line button) on the phone.

You might want to explain your use case in a bit more detail. It would make it easier to help. If you’re not familiar with some of the terminology, please spend a bit of time with the wiki (https://wiki.asterisk.org).

Hi Ssokol,

Thanks for your response, I know it’s an very old Asterisk version, but I have to take it slowly.
I will try to implement what you wrote on number 2 and 3. If it will works i’ll send a note.

Thanks again!