Dial by name directory - press # hangs up

I recently installed a system for a non-profit that really wanted to use the directory with dial by name functionality in Asterisk 1.6x.

The system is Asterisk with Dahdi 2.4.0 running on Ubuntu 10.4.2LTS. The phones are all Aastra 9143s.

The directory works as it should until you have 2 names that match on the 1st 3 letters. You are then prompted to press # but when you do the system hangs up the call.

Why would this happen?

I never go an answer on this one.



Quite possibly no forum regular uses that feature.

Debugging output would be useful. Certainly verbose CLI, but, if it has any, also core set debug

Thanks David,

I’ll get some CLI output tonight and post it.

As it turns out I did not have a proper install of asterisk-flite for the text to speech. Once I set all directory entries to “voicemail greeting” it quite bombing out on press #.

My next challenge will be finding source for asterisk-flite that will make/compile under Ubuntu Lucid