Dial by name directory only half working

I have a strange problem.

On one particular voip server, which happens to be a virtual machine, is having some strange trouble with the dial by name directory.

We are using asterisk 1.6 on FreeBSD

Problem: There are two different type of calls: internal and external. Since my office phone uses the same voip system as the client with the trouble, it is considered internal. Internal calls do not experience the problem. When I call from my cell phone or another outside line. the DNB directory stops working properly. The search returns the wrong names or no names at all. But only for external calls it seems.

auto_attendant menu:

exten => 8,1,NoOp(Dial by Name Directory)
exten => 8,2,Goto(bus_romanoff_dialbyname_menu,s,1)
exten => s,1,NoOp(Search By Name)
exten => s,2,Directory(bus_romanoff,bus_romanoff,f)

I can include more code if I am missing something.

I’m having the same problem.