How to join mulitple calls or extensions

Hi All,

I’am trying to allow some other extension (or call) to join the call when some one hits some key (* or #).

Can any one suggest us, how do I process to do so.
I know about meet me, but I’m looking more from the calls prepective,
where we can join multiple calls, by pressing some keys.

Any information or sample dial plans on this is highly appreciated.


Hi All,

Not sure if I was clear, what I want on this.
I would like to write in more detail.

I’m trying to join another call or extension to current call, when I press
some key (* or #).

The scenario: Person A makes a call to person B and they both started talking to each other, now person B want to join person C on the call, so
now person B should be able to press some key (* or #) to join C on call.

I was looking for some pointers to get started.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.


I think you want an “ad hoc” conference. I’m not sure if this can be done at all from the dialplan. You need to simultaneously transfer both existing parties into a conference then originate a call to the third party to put them in the conference. This might just be do-able with AMI. I’d avise using the latest 1.6 if you want to try.

You will also need to setup features.conf to recognize your feature code.

I think yo have 2 scenario’s. The meetme() scenario where you add the two original channels to a conference or spychan. For spychan info see

Flash operating panel has a standard feature to add two bridged channels to a conference and enter this conference to listen to the conversation. see

Not a ready to go solution but I hope it helps