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Hello, please forgive my ignorance, I am just a beginner. I set up a little asterisk system on a raspberry pi and connected some phones. So far, it works, I can do internal calls, and that is all what we need.

However, we need a special setup for a conference. Each member of a conference group should call each other, with the rest of the phones should also ring and when answered, they should be part of the conference, without further inviting.

Expample: we have 4 phones 1, 2, 3, 4.
1 calls 2
phones 2,3,4 ring
2 and 3 answer the call
1, 2, 3 are in the conference
nice to have: depending which phone was originally called, a specific ring tone is played on all phones.

The phones can have 4 identities. We will not have more than 4 phones in the group.

Is this possible at all? What would be the setup? No details, just a hint in the right direction. Thank you.

If you want to keep others phone ringing doesn’t matter if one of them answer the call, I would use Originate command instead of dial(), for the conference part you can use confbridge

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@ambiorixg12 makes excellent suggestions for underlying Asterisk applications to use in solving this conferencing problem. But it will take some work on your part!

To help speed things up, you might want to look into some related building blocks such as Always Be Conferencing (GitHub link) dial plan configuration for Asterisk, which I initially put together for very similar purposes as to what you outline. For example, one version of the ABC config is used to power quicker conferences-as-a-service via https://Yurt.Tel - see link for several FAQs on what the admin and user experience is like with ABC Yurts.

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