Deleted was: Opus codec translation

Nevermind! Recompiling seems to have fixed the issue!


I’m currently fiddling around with the new opus codec support in Asterisk 14.
I have just built a new asterisk with opus support, which works from user to user, but so far I don’t seem to be able to playback anysort of message from the server.

Asterisk doesn’t seem to support converting from or to opus, neither does it seem to be able to find/playback the testaudio.opus file, I have placed in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds.

Is the support for opus just not ready yet?


I notice in the Changes file that writing a file in opus format may not be included yet.

2016-07-23 15:56 +0000 [a091e15985] gtjoseph

* format_ogg_opus: New format

  Add Ogg/Opus playback support.

  This uses libopusfile in order to be able to read .opus files and play
  them back.

  Writing/recording support is not present at this time.