Codec_opus.c:386 opus_dec_decode: Opus: decoding: buffer too small


When ptime for opus is 20ms everything is working great, but if you will set up different ptime (for eg allow=‘opus:100’) call is established and everything is working, but MixMonitor is unable record the call. Logs are filled with:

ERROR[4550][C-00000008]: codec_opus.c:386 opus_dec_decode: Opus: decoding: buffer too small

I downloaded opus binaries from

Is there any way to record a call with opus with different ptime than default?

Im using asterisk from sources, but i dont have codec_opus.c in sources. If i will have to recompile codec binaries (to enlarge this buffer size), where could i download them? As i remember digium only provides binaries,

Thanks and best regards, K

The source code for the Sangoma/Digium supplied codec_opus is not available. You would need to file an issue on the issue tracker[1] but I have no time frame on when it would be resolved.


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