Codec-opus source code


I migrated my Asterisk to my FreeBSD server, so far so good, expect for one thing. I can’t get codec-opus to work because all I can install/download is a linux binary blob. Where is the source code for codec-opus for Asterisk?

FreeBSD 11
Asterisk 13 LTS

Also, what’s the fuss about this being an external codec? Why is not added to the tree? From what I understand code-opus is the Asterisk integration, and it still depends on libopus, so why is not in the tree?

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The codec_opus module is a binary module provided by Digium. There is no FreeBSD version currently available.

Why is it a binary module?

I’ll ask the project manager to respond here when he returns next week (it’s a holiday in the US) to explain the reasoning behind it.


Just so you know, this binary module limitation, prevents us from using Opus on both LEDE/OpenWRT (not using glibc and not x86), and FreeBSD because it’s not binary compatible. So it’s an issue.

Having the code, even on a restrictive license would allow admins to use Opus (transcoding) with these systems.

The reasoning is explained in the original blog announcement here:

We do not have any additional details to provide.

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Thanks for the links!

I was mislead into thinking that this codec was just a bridge between libopus and Asterisk (since most of the early implementation I found online did that). However, it’s seems like it’s a full blown codec and could explain the binary blob.

Hopefully, it’s will be available as source at one point. Meanwhile, I’ll try to make a bridge myself if I ever I free time (going the same route as asterisk-g72x and g729).

The binary of Digium is just a bridge as well. Anyway, the community created an open-source variant…

Thx a lot, I could only find older version of this! I guess I didn’t try hard enough.

Installed and working, thank you!