I have seen a number of posts relating to time delays, but none have helped with my problem.
Scenario 1. Incoming call on PSTN to ring group. Asterisk answers the call but doesn’t ring the ring group for ten seconds.

Scenario 2. Incoming call on PSTN to Digital Receptionist. Asterisk answers in a couple of seconds. DR sends call to ring group which doesn’t ring for ten seconds.

The common point here is the ring group. During this 10 second delay there is dead silence and every caller is hanging up.

Changing course a little, I have 3 soft phones, 1 IP phone and 1 ATA.
The ATA (Netcomm v-100) doesn’t seem to recognise *(can’t dial *43 from ATA only) and related to that I haven’t been successful at Parking or Transfering calls on any of the phones.
The config files appear complete with regard to park locations, it just seems like asterisk is not responding to # from any ext.

Any one had these problems.?

OK, figured out how to transfer, different sequence for each type of phone.
Haven’t figured out problem with * on ATA, can’t dial *43, can’t dial *8 (pickup code).