Delay in dialing


  1. My extensions are taking too much time to dial out from Trunks and internally as well, time is around 45-60 seconds,

  2. While configured on PAP or any other ATA it gives ring to extension(s) after short intervals automatically.

  3. When i pick up phone it gives dialtone in breaking sound first and then continue dialtone.

Please help!!

  1. you didn’t post any details of how your systems are configured - do you think we can read your mind?

  2. see #1

  3. we will, see #1

Please let me know what kind of details you need from me, you need sip debug logs or anything else ? please post with CLI command and i will take output logs and present in front of you to troubleshoot.


it’s all in the sticky !

timestamp your logs too. add [options] timestamp = yes to /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf if it’s not already there.