Delays and spuriuous "unavailable" on internal calls

I’m testing out my brand new Asterisk system (hosted at SynapseGlobal) and have seen a variety of strange, intermittent problems with calls between extensions. They seem to happen randomly.

  1. Calls to a free extension go straight to voicemail with the message that the extension is unavailable
  2. Calls may take more than 20 seconds before ringing starts.
  3. In the FreePBX display panel, the extensions sometimes are grayed out. This usually corresponds to their seeming “unavailable,” but has nothing to do with the actual status of the phone.

We have one hardware phone, 4 3CX softphones on Windows and 1 3CX softphone on my android smartphone. The problem happens with all the softphones- possibly with the real phone as well, but I’m not sure. I’ve checked this in the office and at home and with my Android on Wifi and Cellular. Behavior is consistently random in all cases.

Any guidance appreciated.



Sounds like you have network and/or processor scheduling problems (it sounds like you are running on a virtual machine on a host that you don’t control which is not a good idea for applications as real time as VoIP).

Thanks for the swift reply.
The server is a virtual machine at SynapseGlobal and is supposed to be tuned for VOIP. In any case, what I get from your reply as that you think this is a server side problem rather than a problem with my clients.