Help Receinving Calls on DID

Hello to all Gurus of Asterisk out there

I am new to asterisk and trying to setup a did for recieving calls (and need to setup trunks,extension,etc all the required things) and have looked for the settings on internet but couldnt find any solution, I m describing the scenario please help me in this regard,

I am using trixbox ver 2.2

I have bought a DID from the provider

which does not offer any user name/password for the user to register on their site

they dont have any DSN name rather they offer a set of 5 IP addresses through which they communicate to the users (or transfer the calls to my asterisk server)

they describe the setting through the conf files instead of trunks,incoming and out going routs

PLease help me setting up this DID to receive the calls

it’ll be really a great help for me