dahdi_dummy pro with Dahdi-linux and dahdi-tool version 3.0


I have installed AsteriskNow-1.7.0 with Asterisk-.1.4 and Freepbx-
I have seen here problem in dahdi_dummy.

I have more tried to troubleshoot but fail.
Lastly, I have compiled and installed dahdi-linux+dahdi_tool-, then it’s ok.
dahdi_dummy is working with this version.

Actually with the latest version of Dahdi, dahdi_dummy was not loading. it was showing message “loading dahdi_dummy” when we were trying to restart dahdi. We were facing problem with meetme.

With dahdi-linux+dahdi_tool- version, it is working fine.

Please tell me what is the actual bug in the latest version of dahdi ?

Best wishes :-