D65 Not Sending Invites

We are a Digium phone shop (dozens of D45-D70 sets) that is testing out a new D65 set. The set that we have seems to work perfectly (registration, receiving calls, contacts, BLFs, etc.), but it will not dial out. As far as I have been able to determine, no INVITE is being sent to our PBX when dialing is attempted. The set times out after a while with a “Failed” message on the screen. We are using the latest Asterisk, firmware, and DPMA versions. With the exception of the firmware, the programming setup is the same that we use with sets such as our D50s.

Is there something different about the new phone sets that needs to be changed in programming to get them to work? Any help would be appreciated.


I believe you asked the same question over on the FreePBX forums? When I suggested you contact Digium’s Support department, I meant www.digium.com/support for a ticket. These forums are a community resource not patrolled by Digium’s Support staff.



I contacted Digium support, but they were unable to provide support for our new telephone purchase - they asked that I contact sales for a new support plan. I am not averse to purchasing support again (we have had it in the past, but never had need to use it); however, I wanted to see if this was a known configuration issue with the community first.



In case anyone else runs into this, I have resolved our issue with the D65 by downgrading the firmware. Any 2.2.0.x series refused to work in our environment. I downgraded the phone’s firmware to, and dialing immediately began to work correctly. This is against a 3.2.0 version of DPMA on an Asterisk 13 server.


hrm…well that’s not a particularly good long-term solution, as we’ll continue to iterate the firmware from 2.2.x onward. I’ll send you a note.

In case anyone else runs into this: our dialing issues were resolved by moving from DPMA 3.2.0 to 3.2.2. The latest D65 firmware works correctly with this DMPA version for us.

That seems quite bizarre…we’ve not changed anything w.r.t. dialing in quite some time.

I sent you a PM about getting some debug from your phone, so we could have a look, but I didn’t hear back from you.